Prices per night:

Double room for single use: MIN 70 € / MAX 140 €

Double room for 2 people: MIN 80 € / MAX 150 €

Additional bed: MIN 20 € / MAX 40 €

For long stays longer than 6 days discounted rates apply.

For services included in the price and for additional ones, see the Services menu.

Stamp duty on the invoice: € 2

Tourist tax of the Municipality of Florence: € 4 per person / per night (€5,50 from April 1st 2023)

Exemptions are also provided:

  1. minors up to 12 years old;
  2. the subjects who assist the patients hospitalized in local health facilities, even in day hospital arrangements, for a maximum of 2 carers per patient;
  3. patients in day hospital treatment;
  4. students enrolled at the University of Florence.
  5. the personnel belonging to the police, the national body of firefighters and civil protection who, for exclusive service needs, and limited to the duration of it, stay in the accommodation facilities in the municipal area.
  6. severely disabled people, whose disability condition is certified pursuant to art. 3 paragraph 3 of law No. 104/92 and similar provisions of the countries of origin for foreign citizens.
  7. the employees of the accommodation facilities who stay there for exclusive work needs.
  8. workers for a period longer than 7 days in a year.

For the use of the exemptions referred to points 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), the interested parties must issue a certificate to the manager of the accommodation facility, made on the basis of the provisions of articles 46 and 47 of the DPR n. 445 of 2000 and subsequent modifications.

The application of the exemption referred to point 4) is subject to the issuing of the accommodation facility for attestation of enrollment at the Ateneo Fiorentino for the current academic year.

  1. There is also a 50% reduction in the tourist tax in the following cases: school groups of lower and upper secondary schools on educational visits;
  2. athletes under the age of 16, members of sports groups participating in initiatives and tournaments organized in collaboration with the Municipal Administration.

The reduction referred to point 1) and 2) will be applied upon certification of the school manager and the sports federation to which they belong respectively.

It is emphasized that the managers of the accommodation facilities must necessarily request the aforementioned certificates.